This is a difficult issue that often requires medical intervention as there are potential dangers from sudden withdrawal.  Hypnotherapy can support any other treatment the client is receiving, by helping them identify the benefits of giving up and establishing those benefits permanently in their mind.



While many allergies are physical some, including asthma, can be psychological or emotional.  Often, these types of allergies are brought on by an emotional reaction to some form of sensitising event. This reaction is then reinforced by reoccurrences of the sensitizing event, until a full-blown allergy occurs. Hypnotherapy can help you find that initial sensitising event and remove the emotion attached to it. From this point it is a simple process to eliminate the allergic reaction to repeats of the event.



We all have excuses which we use to prevent us from achieving our ambitions or realising our dreams.  Often this is because we find it difficult to motivate ourselves to do the things necessary to succeed, or because we are too shy or embarrassed to push our own agenda. However, at the end of the day, our excuses simply come down to one thing “fear of change”. Hypnotherapy techniques are an effective method to help you to identify the underlying cause of your fears and eliminate them, thereby removing your excuses for not achieving your goals and dreams. See my Structured Package page for more details on my approach.



Sugar is looking like it will be the west’s big killer of the 21st century.  Obesity rates and the diseases associated with obesity are rising rapidly, and much of this can be put down to our intake of sugar through sweets (particularly chocolate) and sweet (normally caffeinated) drinks.  Neither of these substances have any real food value, they simply add unnecessary calories to our diet.  I am not suggesting that everyone should stop eating chocolate or drinking fizzy drinks, but for some of us these “foods” are a real problem and the cravings for them overpowering.  So if you find yourself craving unnecessary sweets and fizzy drinks and want to cut down, or if you have any other cravings you want to control, hypnotherapy can help.



In many cases our problems with emotions or our relationships start in our mind.  Perhaps we are stressed and find ourselves getting annoyed at our partner or work colleagues, perhaps we are fearful of what the future might bring, or perhaps a past event is stopping us from getting the most from our life today.  Unfortunately, once the “problem” is established in our mind it becomes difficult for us to think about it rationally and we tend to respond with emotion rather than logic.   In an ideal world we would be able to talk things through with someone, partner, work colleague or friend – and doing it calmly, logically and without emotion.  If this is not possible or we feel we cannot take such a step at this time, hypnotherapy can assist by helping us disassociate ourselves from the emotion of the problem. This allows us to think about the issue logically and we can then decide on the best course of action to take, or how we should work with the other people involved.



Many people have mild obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD). We all worry at times and have mild fixations.   For most of us this doesn’t really affect our daily lives, but for some people it prevents them from living a full life – they wash until their skin bleeds, they cannot go near other people for fear of germs, they cannot leave the house for fear of leaving the front door open.  People with OCD know that what they are doing does not make sense but the fear of what will happen if they do not comply with their obsession drives them to panic and act irrationally. Hypnotherapy can help by disconnecting the obsession from the fear. This in turn allows the brain to think about the obsession logically and rewire itself so that the next time the panic comes it is a little less powerful. After a while, the brain then sees that it is getting no response and switches off the panic allowing us to function normally.  Have a look at my blog on the subject.



The long-term chronic pain associated with conditions such as Arthritis, MS and Parkinson’s can be extremely debilitating.  It affects every aspect of the sufferer’s life destroying their ability to enjoy themselves and damaging their confidence and happiness.  The mind is an amazing thing and given the tools to enable it to focus on other things and “ignore” the messages from the affected areas it is possible to “switch off” the pain to a great extent.  With some training and regular practice, significant improvements can be achieved.



The Oxford English Dictionary defines phobia as an extreme or irrational fear of, or aversion to something – the key word being irrational.  A surfer living in Western Australia who is scared of sharks probably does not have a phobia, but someone living in the UK who cannot get into the bath because of their fear of sharks coming up the plughole certainly has.  Phobias, like allergies, normally have a trigger event.   Hypnotherapy can help uncover that trigger event and make it less threatening to us by removing the fear and emotion from it.   This then allows us to turn the “I can’t” mindset of a phobia (I can’t get on a plane), to an “I won’t” mindset (I won’t get on a plane), and then to an “I can” mindset (I can get on that plane and go on holiday), thus eliminating the phobia.



Many people struggle with the pressures of modern life, they find it difficult to cope and impossible to relax, this affects their sleep, their work and their relationships.  While we all need some stress in our lives (otherwise we would never have a reason to get out of bed), long term high levels of stress can actually damage our physical and mental health. The good news is that hypnotherapy can be an effective method of teaching you to relax and to find and eliminate the underlying fears that cause you to feel stressed.  There are tools you can learn which will allow you to rapidly and effectively self-hypnotise when you feel stress getting on top of you, or you want to relax.  This means that your relaxation and the amount of stress you have in your life comes under your control not someone else’s. See my Specialisms page for more details on my approach.



Many of us do or think things that we wish we didn’t or are ashamed of.  It may be something minor such as nail biting or telling jokes at inappropriate times or it may be something serious or dangerous such as deliberately destroying relationships, eating disorders or self-harming.  Whatever your issue, if you want to eliminate it from your life, then hypnotherapy can help.   It can identify the underlying reasons behind your behaviour, what is stopping you from changing and then help you to change by accepting suggestions to overcome your issues and gaining the motivation to change.



Whether you struggle to get off to sleep or wake in the middle of the night and find it impossible to get back to sleep again, you will understand the despair of another night without proper sleep, knowing how bad you will feel the next day. If you have such problems then hypnotherapy can help by helping you to learn to relax so you can get off to sleep quickly, supported by tools to help you get back to sleep should you wake before it is time to get up.  In addition, once you are sleeping better your will probably find that other issues such as stress and anxiety levels will improve and you will be generally happier and better able to cope with the events which occur in your life. See my Specialisms page for more details on my approach.



Smoking is expensive, unpleasant and is one of the biggest premature killers, yet still so many people smoke.  One of the reasons behind this is that once they smoke, people think that smoking is difficult to give up. Smokers often believe that they are addicted to the nicotine in tobacco (a highly addictive substance). However, in many cases the smoking is simply a habit that is linked to other activities such as making a phone call or having a drink. When the smoker undertakes that activity without smoking they feel that there is something missing and feel uncomfortable – at which point they reach for their tobacco product of choice.  The reality is that habits can be broken relatively easily and quickly, providing that the person with the habit really wants to break them. Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to help smokers to quit rapidly and permanently.  It can help identify the personal benefits of stopping and can establish these benefits permanently in the mind minimize any perceived benefits from smoking and to help the mind think as a non-smoker. See my Specialisms page for more details on my approach.



Research undertaken at the University of Kent’s School of Sport and Exercise Science concluded that using psychological interventions such as mind coaching, hypnosis, more often than not, actually improved performance while mental fatigue or losing focus during an event or training was detrimental to performance.  Mind coaching can have a beneficial and worthwhile effect on performance, motivation and focus and can help overcome mental fatigue.   If an athlete of whatever standard is interested in improving their performance or motivation it is worthwhile for them to look into the advantages that such an approach can offer.  See my blog for some of my thoughts on the subject or go to my Specialisms page for more details on my approach.



Many people have problems with taking exams.  You know that feeling, you pay attention in class, you know all the answers in class, you find all the homework and assignments really easy, but, as soon as the exam looms and you start revising, panic sets in and you go into the exam room with a completely blank mind. Sounds familiar? Hypnotherapy can be a very powerful way of helping you prepare for the exams and get you into the correct state of mind to take the exams.  With rapid relaxation tools, you can get your mind into the right state to revise and with techniques such as visualization become able to “see” yourself in the exam room, becoming relaxed and familiar with the environment, so that when you take the exam for real you can be ready to perform at your best.  See my blog for some other thoughts on the subject or go to the Specialisms page for more details on my approach.



It can be easy to lose weight. In fact many of us find it so easy that we go on diets time and again. In fact many people not only rapidly put on all the weight they have lost but more besides. The problem is not in losing the weight but keeping the weight off once lost, with many diets focusing on food intake but ignoring our attitude to food and eating. If we want to maintain our weight then it is essential that we alter our entire mindset regarding food and this is where hypnotherapy can help. By using multiple approaches to our attitudes to food and eating not only can weight be lost rapidly, but can be maintained permanently. See my blog for some more thoughts on the subject or go to my Specialisms page for more details on my approach.