Freezing on the big day, having trouble getting out of bed to go to the gym, need that extra motivation to improve your game?

You can spend all the time you like, training (or thinking about it) or getting your technique sorted, but if your mind in not in the right place you may still have problems performing. You know that exercise is good for you, the desire is there, but on a cold morning or after a late night it is so tempting to stay in bed for another hour or two.  The problem is that the one day lie-in turns into two and before we realize it a week or month has gone by.


SPORTS CroppedThe right mental attitude to training and performing (mental toughness) has long been recognized as a vital ingredient in improving both motivation and performance.  However, it is an area which is often ignored except at the very highest levels.  While mental toughness on its own will not help you achieve your goals without proper training and nutrition, combined with these it can deliver significant benefits permanently.


My approach to delivering mental toughness is very simple and works on the principle that if you can:
  • Get control of your thoughts;
  • Master your emotions;
  • Learn to programme positive thoughts and actions into your mind;
  • Eliminate all the negative mental baggage associated with training or performing;

then you can become more motivated, focus better, relax into your game and reduce the fear of past mistakes repeating themselves. This in turn will help you get more enjoyment out of your sport and improve your performance.


So, whether you are a serious athlete,  or  “weekend warrior”, adult or child, just training or preparing for the big event. Regardless of sport I can help improve your mental fitness.

Working with me you will quickly:

  • Know that your goals are achievable;
  • Overcome match day nerves;
  • Learn how to relax and enjoy your sport or training;
  • Be able to lock in and repeat good performance and discard poor performance;
  • Increase your concentration and focus;
  • Eliminate distractions;
  • Improve your body awareness.


I can work on a session by session basis to help resolve individual issues but my structured mind coaching for sports package is specifically designed to help you achieve mental toughness rapidly and will build a firm foundation for long term change and success.  It consists of:
  • An introductory consultation to discuss the “issues” you are having which are preventing you from reaching your potential (this session can include your coach if required);
  • A personalised guide to what steps you can take on a daily basis to get your mind where it needs to be and improve your mental toughness;
  • Four tailored one to one mind coaching sessions designed to help you visualize your training and ideal performance more effectively, master your emotions and remove any baggage blocking your performance enabling you to deliver to your full potential;
  • Training in self-hypnosis techniques (see sample extract below);
  • A personalised reinforcement CD (or MP3) that you can use to reinforce the messages given during the face to face sessions;
  • E:mail support throughout.
 Self Hypnosis Training Extract


This package is designed for individuals but can be adapted for groups or teams.


If you have any questions or are interested in going further please send me an e:mail describing your issues and what you want to achieve to or use the form on the Contact page.


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