Many people struggle with the pressures of modern life, they find it difficult to cope and impossible to relax.  This can affect their life in many ways.  They have trouble getting to sleep, or wake up in the night and find themselves unable to get back to sleep.  Alternatively, they are constantly on edge, feeling anxious and stressed.

Their work, leisure and relationships suffer. If this sounds like you, then you need to take a look at your life.

While we all need some stress in our lives (otherwise we would never have any reason to get out of bed) long term high levels of stress can actually damage our physical as well our mental health.

There is good news however, because there are effective drug free methods which can help give you “mental toughness” which can help you learn to relax and find and control the underlying fears that cause you to feel stressed or anxious.



My approach to delivering mental toughness is very simple and works on the principle that if you can:


  • Get control of your thoughts;
  • Master your emotions;
  • Learn to programme positive thoughts and actions into your mind;
  • Eliminate the negative mental baggage associated with your life.

then you can become more relaxed, less anxious and less stressed. This in turn will help you enjoy life more and sleep better (and I know from personal experience, how much better everything seems if you can get a decent night’s sleep).

I can work on a session by session basis to help resolve individual issues but my structured mind coaching for sleep, relaxation and anxiety or stress package is specifically designed to help you achieve mental toughness rapidly and will build a firm foundation for long term change and success.  The package consists of:
  • An introductory consultation to discuss the “fears” which are causing you to feel stressed and are preventing you from relaxing and are making you feel anxious and perhaps unable to sleep (this session can include your partner if you want);
  • A personalised guide to what steps you can take on a daily basis to get your mind where it needs to be and improve your mental toughness;
  • Two tailored one to one mind coaching sessions designed to help you visualize your anxieties and provide tools to help you manage them effectively and to master your emotions and remove any baggage preventing you from sleeping;
  • Training in self-hypnosis techniques which will help you practice your tools daily to manage this and many other issues;
  • A personalised reinforcement CD (or MP3) that you can use to reinforce the messages given during the face to face sessions;
  • E:mail support throughout.

If you need any more information, are interested in arranging an appointment or would like a free copy of my “Getting Better Sleep Through Self-Hypnosis” booklet please send me an e:mail describing your issues and what you want to achieve:

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