Why is giving up smoking so difficult?


The two main reasons people struggle to quit smoking are:


  1. They believe that it will difficult:Smoking Programme V1
  • Everyone (including TV adverts) tells you it will difficult, so it must be.
  • Your personal experience may tell you that it will be difficult.
  • We believe that we are addicted to nicotine.


  1. They do not have any real motivation to quit.
  • They can probably think of plenty of reasons but often they are not really important enough to motivate us to quit.
  • Sure, your health will improve, but this will take some time and you probably won’t notice it for some months.
  • You will reduce your risk of cancer or heart disease, but unless you have had a recent health scare, it is probably something that you will tell yourself can wait for another day.
  • You will have more money, but unless you are very organised the reality is that the money saved will probably disappear into the general housekeeping budget.
  • And, let’s be honest you enjoy smoking: it helps your stress levels; you like the actual act of smoking.   And what would you do with your hands and time if you didn’t smoke?


If you want to know more about the health risks of smoking, then have a look at my video containing some of the health facts about smoking:

Giving up smoking can be easy, as long as you really believe that you can do it and have sufficient motivation to quit,

Let, me give you an example, if I convinced you that next Saturday you would be absolutely guaranteed to win the jackpot on the National Lottery if you gave up smoking for life.  Could you do it?  Of course you could, you would be gaining a real benefit from quitting.  Could you believe that you could quit, too right you would, this would be to important to have doubts.

So let’s imagine a scenario next Friday, the day before the Lottery draw.  You are stuck in a traffic jam in your car.  Normally you would reach for a cigarette, but by doing so you are throwing away something like £4 million.  Are you going to smoke that cigarette?  Of course you’re not.

And this is where hypnotherapy can help you quit.  By exploring with you to identify the real reasons for giving up, we an use hypnosis to convince your subconscious that you are a non-smoker, making the process of quitting quick, easy and permanent.

Back to the nicotine addiction for a second.  Yes nicotine is an addictive drug, but it’s effects leave the system after about 48 hours.  And even the heaviest smoker spends more time not smoking than smoking.  Therefore smoking is more of a habit (psychological) than an addiction (physical).  Again hypnosis can help you overcome the cravings, quickly and easily, because you will have real reasons to quit,

As a last thought, several years ago research carried out by the University of Iowa, as reported in the New Scientist, made the claim that hypnotherapy was the most successful smoking cessation technique – you can see that it works, or to quote one of my clients:

“With your help I have finally stopped smoking after many attempts to quit. I have started running again and have also bought a new guitar with the money I have saved”.

So if after reading this you want to know more about how hypnosis can help you quit, send me an email to arrange an initial free consultation or to request a free copy of my “Stop Now!” booklet which goes into more detail on how hypnosis can help you quit.

There is more information on my Stop Now! Stop Smoking programme on my main Smoking Cessation webpage.


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