Is once a week enough for you?

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Did that get your attention?

There are 168 hours in a week.  That means that if you go to the gym, have a massage or see a therapist like myself once a week, while it will do you good, there are another 167 hours for your body and mind to slouch, tighten up or slide back into bad ways.


So what does this mean to the people who walk through the door of my clinic seeking help?  Well it means that although I am giving them help and support during a session and the effects of that session are felt long afterwards, there is also help plenty of time for their negative thoughts, feelings and activities to come back between sessions.


Now for reasons such as cost and time it is not really practical for most people to have more than one session a week.  So I got to thinking what I could do to support my clients between sessions to reinforce the work that we do there?


As hypnosis, like most things is more effective with repetition, I decided that the answer seemed to be to reinforce the messages of the session between sessions on a daily basis and the best, practical way (cheap, not consuming a great deal of time etc.) seemed to be by using positive affirmations (mantras) and short CD or MP3 based hypnosis sessions between the face to face sessions.


Now, I have always provided CDs where appropriate and talked about affirmations, but I realised that I had not focussed on these as much as I ought.


So, I now agree a set of affirmations with each client and send them a printed up version the next day with instructions on their daily use, and if at all possible, provide a deep relaxation or autosuggestion reinforcement CD (or MP3) with instructions to use daily.


The CD provided is not necessarily on the same topic as the face-to-face sessions.  For example, a person struggling with giving up smoking, may be best helped using an “Anxiety Reduction” CD between sessions.


It is early days, but the results are encouraging, with people telling me that long standing problems are resolving rapidly because, for example, they are sleeping more and are therefore better able to cope with their issues.


If you want to discuss how I might be able to help or my use of intra-session reinforcement, please send me an Email.  Alternatively, you may want to listen to some samples of my reinforcement CDs which can be found on the Media page of my website.

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