I’m a chocolate addict, but it’s been three months since my last bar.

Some time ago, I was reading an article on addictions and substance abuse.  It described the cravings for the substance prior to its use and the fact that the addict often got little or no enjoyment from it.  I realised that this was how I felt about chocolate.  I often went days without it, but the desire gradually increased until I absolutely had to go over to the petrol station and buy a bar.  After this I would eat at least one bar a day for several days until I “got myself back under control”.  At the same time, I often rushed eating the bar and didn’t really get any enjoyment out of it at all.  Also, if I was feeling tired in the afternoon, I would buy a bar of chocolate to give me a quick boost of energy.  The problem was that 30 minutes later I actually felt worse as the sugar rush faded and often “needed” a second bar to keep me going.  I suddenly realised that I had all the symptoms of being a chocolate addict (or more likely the sugar in it) and decided that it was time to do something about it.

First of all, I created a self-hypnosis script which I used on myself, but then I got a bit more sophisticated and made myself a reinforcement CD to play to myself as I went to sleep.  The results, even if I say so mchocolateyself, have been amazing.  I have not eaten chocolate in any form, for three months and I have not missed it at all.  I must admit that sometimes when I am in the petrol station or supermarket I find myself reaching out for a bar, but this is more out of habit than desire.  In fact I have become a chocolatephobe and find myself checking everything sweet just to make sure it has no chocolate in it.  I still sometimes get tired patches in the afternoon, but if I do I simply grab a handful of nuts (the natural, not the roasted and salted variety) and have now got to the point where this has become the natural reaction when I need an energy boost.

Sugar is looking like it will be the west’s big killer of the 21st century.  Obesity rates and the diseases associated with it are rising rapidly, and much of this is put down to our intake of sugar through sweets and sweet (and normally caffeinated) drinks.  Neither of these substances have any real food benefits, they simply add unnecessary calories to our diet.  So, following on from my success with chocolate, I switched my attention to caffeinated drinks and using the same methods I have now been a month without them.

Now I am not suggesting that everyone should stop eating chocolate or drinking fizzy drinks, but there are some of us for which these items are a real problem.  So if you want to cut down on your chocolate or fizzy drink intake, it might be that hypnosis can help you.  I can offer various approaches to this: chocolate specific, or general weight control.  I can do this as face to face sessions at the clinic or in your home or as Skype sessions.  Or you can just use the reinforcement CD or a combination of both sessions and CD.  In addition, I run regular hypnosis for weight loss courses.

If you think hypnosis might be for you, for these and any other problems, then send me an e:mail or give me a  call and we can have a chat.  Alternatively, if you think you might be interested in the weight loss course let me know and I will tell you when the next one will be running in your area.

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