What is Hypnotherapy?



Hypnosis is a technique used to facilitate a heightened state of relaxation to bypass the critical faculties of the conscious mind. Hypnotherapy uses this heightened state of relaxation to allow you to:

  • IDENTIFY barriers to change
  • VISUALISE positive new behaviours
  • ACCEPT suggestions to help you to overcome the barriers and adopt the new behaviours
  • and INCREASE your motivation to succeed.

Hypnotherapy helps replace the ‘I can’t’ beliefs of the conscious mind with the ‘I can’ attitude of the subconscious enabling you to realise your goals or ambitions and potentially achieve many things which have previously been out of your reach.


How can Hypnotherapy help me?


Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical consultation but it can be a very powerful tool, helping you overcome issues or behaviours which are impacting your daily life and can provide you with clear pathways to achieving your life goals and ambitions and help improve your motivation to succeed.

There are many issues and situations where hypnotherapy can provide help.  See my “WHERE I CAN HELP” page for a list and description.

Some people worry that, when hypnotised, they will lose control of their mind or be made to do things they do not want to do. This is not the case. Despite popular belief, at no time can you be made to do anything against your will.


What will happen during a session?


I can hold sessions in my clinic, your own home, or via Skype.

Typically in the first session we will spend some time discussing the goal you want to achieve or the issue you want to overcome.

We will also work out an ongoing treatment plan. and will undertake a short first hypnosis session.

Like many things hypnosis works better if done regularly. Therefore from the second session onwards I will teach you some self-hypnosis techniques to enable you to reinforce our sessions once you are at home. This will be supplemented, where appropriate, with tailored self-help CDs.